Florida Keys Fishing and Adventure Guide Nate Weinbaum


Thanks for stopping by. Whether we’re fishing for tarpon in the backcountry, reef fishing for snapper and grouper on the Atlantic, or just touring around the beautiful environments of the Florida Keys, my main goal is to give you the best experience on the water. Depending on our fishing activity for the day, we have three custom boats, fully rigged and ready for action.



everglades backcountry

Highlighted by beautiful scenery, plentiful bird life, and big sky stretching across the horizon, the dramatic backcounty is a true get-away-from-it-all adventure and one of my favorite places to visit. Defined as the waters that make up the Florida Bay, this large expanse borders the backside of the Florida Keys stretching all the way north into the Everglades National Park interior. It is a vast, watery wilderness of uninhabited, mangrove-lined keys surrounded by shallow water and channels. Because of its remote proximity, accessible only by boat, most visitors to the Florida Keys never get the opportunity to experience the natural splendor and stark beauty this area offers. The abundance of wildlife and marine life here is astonishing.



Fish the Flats

Of all the thrills an angler can experience, few match the excitement of casting to Bonefish or Permit tailing across the flats. Hearing your drag scream as the fish takes your line out at high speed is a heart pounding experience. The other world-premier saltwater gamefish stalking the flats in the Keys is the amazing Tarpon. Known as the "Silver King", this prize-fighting fish deserves entire books written about it. They have been known to grow 7 feet long and weigh up to 300 pounds. Their large, bone-hard mouth makes hooking them difficult. They jump repeatedly while thrashing their head wildly. The brute strength, athleticism and leaping ability of this majestic fish is an awe-inspiring sight, making it my personal favorite to catch on the flats.



 Reef and Offshore

The 125 mile stretch of islands that make up the Florida Keys archipelago creates an extremely unique fishing environment. While the backcountry offers sublime scenery and inshore species such as bonefish, tarpon and permit, the Atlantic side of the island chain offers a completely different opportunity of fishing that's typically more fast paced. The Gulf Stream is the Atlantic's superhighway of game fish. Depending the season, you can enjoy fishing mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, kingfish, amberjack, sailfish and more. With an abundance of reefs and wrecks, snapper, grouper, cobia, barracuda and sharks are caught year round. Call before your trip and I'll be happy to give you a fishing report on what's been biting offshore and migrating through during the season.


"If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago." – Zane Grey


I will never forget my first permit you put me on. In a sea of quantity, you are quality my friend. Looking forward to our next backcountry adventure.
— Tyler R. Hoke, St. Petersburg
First tarpon on fly, cigars, beers, beautiful scenery, wildlife, what an amazing day we had fishing Nate. Keep the beer cold. Can’t wait to do it again.
— Darryl Horn, Memphis
Thank you Nate for being a teacher and mentor to my son Dominik, he really enjoys fishing with you. Top notch.
— Sergio Ramil Jr., Miami
Snapper, redfish, snook, trout and tripletail. Thanks for another successful trip Nate. Always fun to fish with you.
— Bob Merkel, West Palm Beach